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Put your STRs on autopilot!

Explore the untapped market of corporate rentals and expand your reach.

Get your furnished properties in front of major insurance companies, healthcare staffing agencies, and exclusive houzlet members.
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We have established corporate partnerships with leading companies, offering support for employee relocation and temporary lodging need to professional athletes, entertainers, and corporate executives.


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Insurance and Healthcare Staffing Network


We have established corporate partnerships with leading companies, offering support for employee relocation and temporary lodging needs to professional athletes, entertainers, and corporate executives.


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The fastest growing mid-term rental marketplace


67k listings       16k tenants       $41M  rent       $9K avg rent

How to get started

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Get Approved:

Create an account and complete the registration, book a call with our onboarding team to review if your properties align with our corporate housing standards. 

  List Your Property:

Our onboarding team will work with you to connect with your PMS system. We'll promptly create your listings and get them live upon approval.

Start earning:

After lease agreements are confirmed and members move in, rent and utilities are automatically paid on the 1st of each month.


Manage your listings:

Keep track of incoming payments and reservations through our platform, making it easy to stay on top of your rental business.

Corporate Leasing Office


Our Corporate Leasing Agents are NOW on your Team!

We are not just another rental platform. Our Corporate Leasing Office features a team of professional Leasing Agents who will work directly with our corporate partners.

This unique offering is designed to streamline the inquiry process and make it more efficient and cost-effective for the Property Manager.

The Corporate Leasing Office is a one-of-a-kind feature that sets Houzlet apart from other rental platforms.

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Payments Made Easy



Houzlet Payments

We facilitate all corporate payments with our innovative wallet solution. As the property manager, you can connect your bank account and easily withdraw your payments without any hassle.

We have seamlessly integrated with Plaid, a trusted platform that links to an extensive network of 11,500 banks and credit unions across the United States.


Hear from real users!

"I listed my property on Houzlet was a great experience and so easy! I instantly had an entire team of leasing agents working for me! I was so impressed, with the leasing team! They handled the initial inquiries, leasing signing, and tenant screening. All I had to do was click one button and collect my rent!"

Stephen Fink
Home Owner

Hear from real users!

"My house was empty for almost 3 months, as soon as I listed my home on Houzlet, and my property was rented within a week. I decided to try Houzlet s instant rental to see how that would go. I was able to set the pass-fail criteria. Once the Tenant request came in I was able to see their credit report with proof of income and background check. I uploaded the lease agreement we both signed it and the tenant paid the first and security directly through Houzlet. It was such a smooth process!"

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John Q.
Home Owner

Hear from real users!

"I was having a hard time finding a rental online until I found I didn't have time to drive around and look at properties with agents. It was so easy to find a home that I liked on houzlet and I was able to instantly rent it!"

Michelle W.

Hear from real users!

"With the slowdown in the market, coming across Houzlet has been a lifesaver! I've been able to do a  few rental deals a day all from my  home!"

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Marcello G.
Real Estate Agent | Compass Group