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Frequently Asked Questions

FlexStay FAQ?

What is the minimum term of the membership?

The minimum term for each membership is 3 months.

What if I don't stay in the property while I am a paying member?

The membership fees can be used towards staying at a property in the future or upgrading to a larger or luxury property. Unlike traditional rent, Flexstay membership allows you to use unused stays for up to 3 years after the expiration.

Is a tenant screening required?

Yes a full tenant screening is required to be approved for our Flexstay membership 

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes, you do but unlike traditional housing, Flexstay security deposit applies to any property you stay at. When you move out the security deposit rolls over to the next property.

How often can I move?

You can move as often as you like so long that you give a 30-day notice. 

Can I stay for only a month?

The minimum term at each property is 30 days, the membership requires a 3-month commitment. 

Listing Your Home FAQ?

How do I list my home?

To list your home you must be a property manager or a corporate service apartment building. If you are interested in our partnership follow this link Become a property partner

How do payouts work?

Houzlet collects the initial deposit from the guest, for Serviced Apartments the initial deposit can be withdrawn when the Tenant is approved (less our service fee). If you are a Property Manager the full payout can be withdrawn 1 day after the Tenant moves into the property.

Do you integrate with any PMS systems?

Yes we do, we currently have a API with a handful of systems like Streamline, Guesty, and HostAway. We are adding new property management software each month, if you have 300 listings or more, we can custom build to your system.